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The Flatter:Me Story

Hi! I'm Claire, the creator of the Flatter:Me Belt.

I have hips, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So when my jeans fit at the bum but have a big gap at the waist, it drives me completely bonkers – and adding a normal belt (with that huge buckle bump) is even less flattering. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands, and found women of different ages, shapes, and sizes to test dozens of “flat belt” prototypes. After nine months, we arrived at one that was comfy, adjustable, and invisible under tee shirts. I called it the Flatter:Me Belt, and launched in July 2011.

Why make Flatter:Me Belts in China?

The “Made in China” brand hasn’t earned the best reputation. But my time in Shanghai (I moved here in 2008) has convinced me that the Western demand for very high volumes of very inexpensive products isn’t helping. What if a company was willing to pay higher wages for smaller quantities of well-made goods? Flatter:Me strives to develop this smaller, “human-scale” style of Chinese manufacturing. We've just expanded our team of tailors - stay tuned for introductions, pics, and more.

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