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Flatter:Me when you're expecting - Part III

In the third trimester, there is no way you can wear pants without a stretchy maternity panel. At this point, my pants need to stretch every which way!  

My Flatter:Me now serves mostly as a pretty accessory; I certainly have no waist for it to go around! I really like wearing it just under the bust to avoid the “tent” look – it’s not cute when your bust and stomach all blend together.  I also use Flatter:Me to turn some of my larger, non-maternity tops into a cute outfit. The polka-dot top I'm wearing isn't maternity, but it’s large enough to still fit me. Without a belt I feel very frumpy, but by just snugging the top up, my bust and belly get a lot of definition. Now I definitely feel like it's obvious I'm going to be a mama and I’m not just lumpy! Bonus: after the baby is born, I can go back to wearing the top with a belt around my proper waist.  

Only a couple of weeks until my due date.  Do you think baby will wait that long to make her appearance?  I'm hoping she arrives a little early!


Claire Theaker-Brown
Claire Theaker-Brown


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