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Grey-t Expectations

The results are in! Our new fall colour, as first suggested by the lovely Nikki Van Dusen, will be (drum roll please...) dark grey! We chose it because we like that bit of sophistication that a rich grey adds to fall's warm colours. Plus, grey, like, really camouflages lint like black never can, amirite? (Pet owners, don't leave me hanging.) 

Nikki has won the very first grey belt produced in the Flatter:Me studio - plus 3 more to share with friends. We'd also like to extend a congratulations to our two runners up: Elizabeth Carlson (for suggesting dark purple) and Candice Fouchard (for her brilliant canary yellow) - ladies, you'll each receive a free belt in the winning colour. 

THANK YOU for all your submissions - we were thrilled by the response we got, and in thanks, we'll be offering free worldwide shipping on the yet-unnamed grey during its launch week later this fall - keep your eye out for the release date!

Congrats again to Nikki, Elizabeth, and Candice for your epic wins - and thank you, Flatter:Me Family, for letting us know what you want to shop for!

Claire, Kristina, and the Flatter:Me Team

Claire Theaker-Brown
Claire Theaker-Brown


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