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What does $3 buy you these days?

Hi, everyone!

Lots of new stuff this month - new website, new buckle colour (hi-ho, Silver!), and... new pricing.

The $3 increase was a last resort, and a result of months of deliberation and many, many Excel spreadsheets. Since Flatter:Me launched in July 2011, the cost of labour in China has risen steadily - but not, for many, enough to offset the skyrocketing cost of living.  This means that to keep our commitment to paying our tailors a wage that affords them quality housing and family education, something had to give.  

It's already pretty DIY around here (don't ask how many belt-packaging "parties" my wonderful friends have attended), so without sacrificing Flatter:Me's fair labour policy, the options were limited to lowering the integrity of the belts' components, or giving the sticker price a little nudge.  I chose the latter, and crossed my fingers that when you told me you wanted a no-bump belt that would surprise you with its quality, you meant it!

Shipping charges will remain the same, and, as always, I'll be here checking my inbox ready to reply within 48 hours (and usually less) to any questions that might be on your mind.  Thank you all so very much for the purchases, word-of-mouth advertising, and lovely encouragement you've contributed over the past year - I promise you that pricing will always be the last thing to change around here.

Claire Theaker-Brown
Claire Theaker-Brown


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